Pure belgian, fresh cutted fries

Pommepuur, the food truck with a mission, in a patriotic way put our national signature dish back on the map.

"Pure Belgian, freshly cut fries"

This in a trendy and tasteful way. Working exclusively with top quality, we want to restore our Belgian fries.
Cut uncut
Our potatoes are cut at 12mm. A thick fries so that the pure earthy taste of the potato comes into its own. Furthermore, these are pre-fried in Ossewit and baked in a mix of vegetable oil and Ossewit. This makes the fries crispy, beautiful in color and delicious in taste. A taste that reminds the chef of his Bomma.
Our croquettes
No big bwabwa range of machine snacks, but artisan fresh top croquettes that each will leave a taste explosion.


Do not wait to contact us to find out more and order Pommepuur for the tastiest fries.


contact us

Cro-Magnon Zavelstraat 39

Tel: 0493 21 87 28
VAT BE0688 630 516
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