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Baqvelo xl Brochettes

Like our BBQ's our skewers are hand crafted. Gigantic brochettes beef (Belgian White / Blue), poultry, Oriental lacquered bacon and grilled vegetables color the decor. A divine salad buffet with cold / hot sauces and freshly baked bread rolls complete the picture.

  • Runds: Belgian White / Blue. Delicious marinated beef that melts in the mouth. Spicy notes while retaining a natural flavor ..
  • Oriental lacquered bacon: bacon cubes that are grilled briefly and vigorously. Crispy on the outside and smooth inside.
  • Marinated chicken: What is better than a delicious chicken block, grilled on charcoal, finely seasoned, tender and juicy?
  • Berloumi: The cheese with grilling. Get another marinade seasonal. This cheese lends itself perfectly to the grill and absorbs a huge amount of BBQ flavor. Veggie

We can provide plates and cutlery. We take the dishes back with you so you can party further without worries !!

reception - appetizers

Of course we use the same formula for the snacks as for the main courses. This means, top quality meat and grilled with love. Convenient to eat out of hand and a caress for the eye. Our snacks also go under the heading of sweets for the meat eater. They will certainly please your guests and make the ideal starter for a successful BBQ experience by Cro-Magnon.

  • Finger Licking Spareribs: Our spareribs have not stolen their name. As a remnant of a BBQ game these meat bones are quite top-notch.
  • Berloumi skewer: The cheese with grilling from home soil takes a lot of aroma from the BBQ, this in combination with a cherry tomato and paprika vinaigrette. Tastes for more.
  • Mini burger: Mini version of our famous citizens.
  • Chicken tarragon: Delicious tender chicken fillet with fresh tarragon mayonnaise.
  • Duo of grilled pines: It is not always black and white, but in the case of our pegs. Is served with a homemade apple sauce. Over and above winters.
  • Hapje Tzatziki: Wrap with smoked salmon, pearl couscous, sweety licorice and almond nuts
  • Hapje Curry Hummus: Wrap with curry hummus sweety drops and lentils

fire and food workshop

With a lot of experience regarding Fire and Food, we share our knowledge with great pleasure.

Be the chef @ your next BBQ party!!

We treat a series of rock and roll dishes in a group that will put your next guests in the mouth and guarantee a BBQ that they will not soon forget. Custom wines at each dish to finish the whole, chosen by our TOP sommelier at home. Get trust with herbs through our Cro-Magnon's Garden. Feel, smell, taste and combine on it. Both indirect and direct grill methods are up for discussion. for the indirect grill method we work with our Yakiniku grill's, a top kamado that, with some practice, makes BBQing an egg. The direct, firm and above all fiery approach is carried out on our house-own Barbaraki. This handcrafted grill offers the luxury to perform both BBQ and Teppanyaki.

@the end: goodiebag with recipes, a cro-Magnonized BBQ apron and nice home cooking gadgets.

Menus change on a regular basis. That's why we do not show it here. You can, however, request the current Menu via mail and data will be released on our Facebook page.

contact us

Cro-Magnon Zavelstraat 39

Tel: 0493 21 87 28
VAT BE0688 630 516
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