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Belgium’s tastiest foodtruck

Cro-Magnon is our tasty and convivial BBQ foodtruck. The possibilities offered by our handcrafted BBQ Foodtruck are endless: we can smoke, grill, fry and roast anything you want. We create unique dishes that are both trendy and deliciously homemade.

There’s a whole range of concepts to choose from – perfect for every type of festive occasion and with the right flavours to go with it.


Discover our authentic burgers, cooked to perfection on our extra-large Argentinian grill. The burgers are served on tiger buns baked that very day or with freshly cut Artisan Steakhouse French fries. Wonderfully crunchy.

  • Pulled Pork Burger: Smoked shoulder of pork, with Chinese cabbage salad and Whiskey Maple Sauce: a sweet-and-sour pork burger with a fresh touch.
  • Berloumi Burger: With Berloumi, the great cheese for grills. Served with a fresh salad, this is a truly stunning veggie burger.
  • Finger Licking Spareribs: Addictively delicious pork ribs that you won’t forget in a hurry. Served with an almond crumble.


BBQ Bowls

Our bowls are a delight for your tastebuds made with fresh, top quality products. Grilled on wood or charcoal, with vegetables, potato salad or couscous. This is enjoying a delicious color- and taste palette in a bowl.

  • Brons: 1 bowl per person: Chicken spies, oriental lacquered bacon, Berloumi (veggie), 1 grilled dish per bowl
  • Silver: 2 bowls per person: Chicken spies, oriental lacquered bacon, Berloumi (veggie), BBQ sausage, 1 grilled dish per bowl
  • Gold: Unlimited Bowls, Artisan Steakhouse Fries or Puffed Potato. Choice of chicken spies, oriental lacquer mash, Berloumi (veggie), BBQ sausage, salmon sprouts.


Steakhouse on the road

With our Steakhouse we're not just bringing the fire to you. We set up a full restaurant in your garden or your party location. Different cattle breeds are grilled on our XL Argentinian Grill, this way they get our typical BBQ wood flavor. Each piece of meat is top quality.

Don't hesitate to contact us to get more information and order the Cro-Magnon BBQ Foodtruck, the tastiest BBQ Foodtruck from Stekene and surrounding arreas.

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